Owl You Doin

Student-to-student marketplace and online magazine showcasing everything going on at Temple and in Philly

Skills Used

  • WordPress
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing & Communication Strategy
  • Management
  • Google Analytics
  • Leadership
  • Management

The Why

First, when reselling something such as text books, Temple students used Facebook groups which can be annoying. Second, Temple is a bubble that can be hard to pop out of, Owl You Doin’ helped students find a community beyond Temple.

The How

When I co-founded Owl You Doin’ in August of 2015, I didn’t know Python/Django so in order to build the website I used a custom WordPress theme and various plugins to build a marketplace where anyone could list a product and can consume content that we produced.

Launch Goals

The goal was to expose Temple students to the beautify city that is Philadelphia, as well as give them a better way of reselling things they no longer needed.

Launch Month Stats


Page Views


Pages / Session


Avg. Session Duration

Owl You Doin’ far exceeded our expectations for how much buzz we could create. Over the next year my business partner and I grew Owl You Doin’ to have 12 content creators and started to become a trusted way for student to sell their belongings to other students. After a year of operation, and multiple pivots in the business, we decided to go our separate ways. Owl You Doin’ taught be about how to lead and follow both on my own, and with someone else.

Owl You Doin’ was an invaluable experience. It taught me both the importance of emotional intelligence and how to use it. I think it is very important to understand the importance of people in an organization, and role of management – which is not to be the “boss” of those under you, but rather to serve as a resource and enable people to effectively do their job’s.